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Question by  Claire70 (24)

Is the Sonicare Elite a good investment for long-term improvement in dental hygiene?

I've been using the $8 battery operated toothbrushes.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Yes, the sonicare Elite is a great choice for an electronic toothbrush. There are other electronic brushes out there as well that work very good in maintaining a great overall health of your teeth. Electric toothbrushes in general are great investments when it comes to long term improvement in dental hygiene.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

Yes, the sonicare toothbrushes work well. Any electric toothbrush is beneficial, as it automatically brushes in a circular motion, which is better for tooth enamel. Battery-operated brushes also tend to wear out faster.


Answer by  annie52foof (1459)

Yes it is a very good investment. I have been using one for quite some time now. I began dating a lady and therefore was not at home as often as usual. I began using a regular toothbrush again. I recently went to my dentist andt he hygenist said my plaque had come back and to use the sonicare again.


Answer by  sweeneydjg (87)

This is a matter of opinion, really, but I've been tremendously satisfied with Sonicare's brushes, but then again, I've noticed you can get a very similar clean using those battery-operated ones by Crest. So, really, I would find someone you know who owns one, and test it out! (using your own head of course!)


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

If you're already using a battery operated toothbrush, you're brushing and flossing daily, a Sonicare Elite, or any expensive toothbrush, isn't going to make a difference in your dental health.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

This is not a good investment. Battery operated tooth brushes are not good for long term hygiene. Use a manual tooth brush instead, electric toothbrushes loosen the teeth and damage gums/

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