Question by  butchbri (33)

Is Rebamipide effective in the treatment of age-related hearing loss?


Answer by  catewheeler (289)

Some studies of age-related hearing loss (also known as presbyacusis) have shown that Rebamipide is useful. You can get a prescription for it and if it works, wonderful!


Answer by  wolferiver (122)

Rebamipide actually does seem to help reduce hearing loss in older patients. At first, I saw studies that seemed only to be reported on "alternative" websites, but PubMed affirms a study that reports significant hearing improvement in 48 elderly patients after 8 weeks of treatment using 300mg/daily of Rebamipide and 600mg/daily of Vitamin C.


Answer by  janeplowmanwindstreamnet (292)

Rebamipide was originally prescribed for ulcers. But many patients reported an improvement in their hearing. Some studies are finding that is does indeed help reverse age related hearing loss. If your doctor will prescribe it for hearing loss I would try it for a few months .


Answer by  fiona (208)

This drug is really for ulcers but in a recent study it was found to be effective in helping patients hear better in certain frequencies (the frequencies that encompass the average human voice). Rebamipide worked on these patients in just 8 weeks when it was taken along with vitamin C.


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

Although Rebamipide is not available in the US, it is considered to be an effective treatment when combined with antioxidants. Studies are still underway in the US.


Answer by  TJenkins602 (656)

Rebamipide is effective in the treatment of age-related hearing loss. It also has similar qualities to anti-oxidants. This is good for hearing.

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