Question by  Uareanidiot (19)

Is pond ph important?

I have a nice pond and I want to keep it that way.


Answer by  Lextron (17)

If there aren't any plants or fish in the pond, then it won't matter. But if you happen to have live plants or any animal that lives in the water, the pH must be kept at a pH that is around neutral, for example, if you have koi the pH must be 7.0-8.5.


Answer by  dinesh76 (25)

yes,pond ph changes due to bacteria and other microbes present in it. These microbes makes the ph acidic and this acidic ph may be toxic to plants and fishes,hence add some chemicals to adjust the ph upto neutral because neutral ph is suitable for fishes and plants and it will destroy the bacteria.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

It's important to treat your pond if it's not connected to a fresh supply of water. If it's not connected it becomes standing water and attracts mosquitos. These bugs can cause West Nile Virus in humans and animals and can potentially kill. You can treat your pond with several chemicals, some animal friendly.


Answer by  jamorgan3777 (12)

Yes. A pond is basically a really complex solution containing many living things. Many of those things require a certain pH range to grow properly.


Answer by  Honky (12)

As long as the pH isn't too extreme, it should be fine. A pH between 5 and 9 probably won't be dangerous to play in.


Answer by  Canoli321 (61)

The plants and animals in a pond all thrive at a certain pH. Ideally, pH levels should be between 7.0-8.5 to keep fish happy.

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