Question by  dt9991 (1)

Is my girlfriend going to lose custody of her children?

I have 3 PFAs against, and I have a child with my girlfriend. She has 2 older boys, and her ex wants to take them away.


Answer by  LauraCalico (278)

If someone is involved with an individual with a known history of abusive behavior, and (s)he is involved in a custody dispute with her/his ex, (s)he is likely to lose custody. The judge is likely to grant custody to the parent who can provide the better environment.


Answer by  Butterfly27 (42)

In all honesty that is for the courts to decide.If your girlfriend is the primary custodian of her older boys he has to take her to court to get them.


Answer by  jfry (18)

While there is no absolute way to determine what the courts will decide, history shows that courts tend to side with the mother in custodial cases.


Answer by  snceflyf (448)

An attorney should be consulted; however, my opinion is that the courts will take into consideration the details of the PFA's, along with the current living situation of the children. The children's ages, if they are old enough to express their opinions to a judge, may also be of some importance.


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

Unfortunately, yes. It looks as though the deck it stacked against you. Stay strong and do all you can to support your lady friend.

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