Question by  cbo (17)

Is LimeWire illegal?


Answer by  Renae (20)

LimeWire is not illegal. Some people that use limewire to download/share copyrighted music, video, etc. then it becomes illegal. But to answer the question, no, it is not illegal


Answer by  Binome (1975)

LimeWire, and similar Direct Connect programs, aren't illegal. However, what they are most often used for is. People often use LimeWire and similar programs in order to illegally violate copyright by distributing music, television programs, movies, etc. that they do not have the right to distribute. So, the program itself isn't illegal, but having it is a little bit suspicious.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

Limewire is legal but it is still illegal to take someone's property without asking their permission. Using limewire without asking for permission or paying the author is copy write enfringement.


Answer by  brittnayyy (158)

It is not illegal to download the LimeWire software or visit the LimeWire website but it is illegal to download content from LimeWire that does not have licensing or the permission of the composer or songwriter. Using LimeWire is kind of like a loophole. It is safer just to buy the CD.

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