Question by  veera (13)

Is leg pain associated with Raynaud's Syndrome?


Answer by  Durrr (43)

Raynaud's is most often found in peoples extremities. It is usually found in the fingers and the toes, but it is possible in other areas such as the nose. It would be possible to have leg pain associated with toe pain caused by the syndrome.


Answer by  pansy (421)

i beleive any pain is assosiated with leg pain wether it be raynards syndrome or just neck pain your going to feel tingling sensations like your leg is numming up on you.


Answer by  Taran (716)

1. Acidic dry cell batteries inhalation poisoning 2. Acrocyanosis-An uncommon disorder of blood vessels 3. Acroosteolysis neurogenic 4. Alcoholism 5. The abnormal deposit of amyloid fibrils in virtually any part of the body 6. Arachnoid Cysts 7. The narrowing and gradual blockage of the artery. 8. Inflammatory granular nodules form in various organs 9. Brain cancer 10. Broken foot


Answer by  leelee22 (118)

Leg pain isn't usually associated with Raynaud's Syndrome. The areas typically affected are the fingers and sometimes the toes. Raynaud's Syndrome is a circulation problem which causes the digits to turn pale usually when exposed to cold or stress. Smoking can also sometimes make these symptoms worse.


Answer by  Crystal98 (14)

It can be. Sufferers of RS can experience Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which can cause muscle inflamation and joint swelling. Rheumatoid Arthritis has also been associated with Raynaud's Syndrome, which is a secondary form of Raynau's phenomenon. Other, worse symptoms associated with RS are blood clots and aneurisms.


Answer by  praveen02 (33)

The leg pain so just because of weighting over load and giving stress to leg like running continously will also leads to leg pain. If not,it may be a syndrome of any fever or instructions like viral & bacterial etc. But not associated with RAYNAUD'S syndrome.

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