Question by  corihendon48 (17)

Is Kenmore central A/C any good?


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Kenmore A/c units are a decent brand for the money. They will get the job done but have a reputation for failing before the more expensive brands such as Trane. When buying a Kenmore make sure to purchase the extended warranty. Kenmore A/C units are a classic example of You get what you pay for.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

A/C has federal mandate to perform at a 13 SEER rating. All manufactured air conditioners will meet this rating if the entire system is purchased as a matched unit. As for quality, 13 SEER is now the contractor grade. 16 SEER is moderate, and 19-22 is premium across all manufacturers.


Answer by  cveilleux1977livecom (40)

Kenmore appliances are manufactured by a wide range of appliance manufacturers some good and some bad if you can obtain the model number of the A/C that you are looking to purchase you can determine who manufactured it. then you can research the manufacturer and see if there have been complaints from other consumers about them.


Answer by  AbbieThompson (175)

Kenmore is decent, but definitely not the best in my experiences. I would highly recommend a TempStar unit. Great warranties are also offered with most TempStar units.


Answer by  HUNM25 (713)

Yes I think it is a great air conditioning unit. The unit provides air into the room as soon as the unit is turned on. It's a great way to feel air conditioned.


Answer by  pardhan (92)

Yes it is very good, i purchased one myself and it has been running for a good six years and is very benneficial

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