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Question by  Sanjaykumar (30)

Is it safe to do a rental in the state of California with no signed lease?

I am going to rent a house that does not require a signed lease.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There are pros and cons. A lease locks in the rate for the term of the lease and affords the tenant some protection. No lease gives the tenant more freedom, but no protection in terms of the rate or stability. Make sure you get a month-to-month agreement.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

If there is no signed lease then what type of rental agreement do you have? I would not agree to anything without reading and recieving a copy of a rental agreement; otherwise you may be held liable for something you may not know about later on. You need to have a clear documented understanding before agreement.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

Why doesn't the landlord want a signed lease? I would be wary and, if possible to find other housing, I would do so. It is very odd not to want a signed lease, in case anything goes wrong. Unless it is a family member, I would question the reason behind not wanting one.


Answer by  SantoshRathod (13)

It is safe to rent a house which does not require signed lease as you will not have any legal proofs to fight in case you come across some dispute.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

A signed lease protects both owner and tenant. You should always have a signed lease when you rent to protect your rights as a tenant.


Answer by  BlueSlug (47)

You should always have a lease agreement reduced to writing to ensure that your interests as the lessee are protected. Without a written contract, you will be unable to take the property lessor to court to address any grievance or controversy arising from your tenancy. A responsible property owner will always insist on a written lease agreement.


Answer by  Carol37 (569)

It is never safe anywhere to do a rental without a signed lease. The terms will dictate the rate and term as well as the responsibilities of each party. Without that it deteriorates into a "he said - she said" dispute. The process from there would probably be litigation and a lot of expense.


Answer by  Debra (105)

It is not usually recommended to rent a house without a signed lease. If there is no lease, neither party has any legal proof of the rental agreement.

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