Question by  sthrelk (14)

Is it proper to use the word "and" to start a sentence?

I learned in school that this is incorrect, but so many authors and writers do it. Is it acceptable now?


Answer by  David87 (112)

it is generally unacceptable to begin a sentence with "and" however many writers don't follow Grammar and Spelling 100%. Reason why And isn't an acceptable sentence starter is that the word "and" is a conjoining word meant to connect the first and second half of a sentence.


Answer by  MaggieMay (38)

Personally as a former writer I think it is completely up to you. I for one do not like to use "and" to begin a a sentence. I would choose to make it either a very long sentence or find another word to start the sentence such as, "also" or "in addition. "

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