Question by  Teya74 (16)

Is it possible to regrow jaw bone?

My friend lost some bone in a bad accident.


Answer by  tarun04104 (183)

Regrowing a jaw bone totally, is not possible but however the broken jaw can be repaired with the help of surgery and by attaching wires to the teeth. By taking bones from other parts of the body, broken jaw can be mended and the shape of the jaw can be retained to some extent.


Answer by  Daniell (160)

While it's true that all bones have a natural ability to heal themselves, regrowing a full piece of bone is beyond your body's capabilities. However, almost any piece of lost bone can be replaced with special artificial materials.


Answer by  dsf (13)

Taking into account the researches conducted by scientists in recent times it is possible to regrow the jaw bones. Scientists have made use of techniques with regards to Ultrasound and the use of dental stem cells to do so. The ultrasound technology is known as miniaturized Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) which is a new way to inspire jaw growth.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Jaw bones do not grow back. Your friend may be a candidate for plastic reconstruction with some bone taken from elsewhere in his body or from a cadaver, depending on the exact nature of his injury.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

It is possible to regrow jaw bone but it is a long and tedious task. There are two options, the first is to wire the jaw shut and prevent the bone from moving while it regrows, this can be quite painful. The other option is to have synthetic bone placed in the jaw.


Answer by  spin (166)

I don't believe it is possible to regrow jaw bone. If your friends face is now disfigured or deformed since this accident, bone from a bone bank may be inserted, during surgery. A maxillofacial surgeon would not do this procedure if it was not medically necessary or too high a risk.


Answer by  holdengal (693)

Yes, it's possible to grow bone in some cases. If the jaw bone was broken and is missing a middle segment, a bony matrix will be formed and regenerate. (Ex. how a broken arm heals) If part of the jaw bone was REMOVED, new bone will not grow.

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