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Question by  Alexis (27)

Is it possible to have a zit on my gums in my mouth?

That's what this feels/looks like.


Answer by  emm471 (13)

It is not possible to have a zit on your gums or your mouth. This is a mouth ulcer you have but it has the appearance of a zit and is also very sore. Mouth ulcers occurs in many ways. You can accidently bite the inside of your gums or cheeks which can cause an ulcer.


Answer by  dawn (14)

It's very unlikely that you would have a zit on your gums. A zit, acne, is caused by pores with trapped dirt, bacteria, oils. It is probably a cold sore. With a white center it could be confused with a pimple.


Answer by  sooz (644)

I don't believe it's possible to have a zit in your mouth. The skin in your mouth doesn't have pores so it couldn't have a zit.


Answer by  jeremy46 (325)

That is a gum abscess, you need to see a dentist. Meanwhile, a dry tea bag between the gum and cheek for an hour may help bring improvement.


Answer by  Anonymous

Well I don't know. I have a " zit" or whatever it is on the tops of my gums and I'm scared its mouth herpes! It probably isn't though


Answer by  Anonymous

i dought you have a zit in your motuth if youm are sure you have a zit in nyour mouht go see a dentist

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