Question by  AClkwrkStarfish (47)

Is it possible to get a tattoo on my nipple?


Answer by  keiki (1376)

Yes, it is possible, but it might not be the best idea. For a girl, it would be very painful and you also need to think about if you are going to have children in the future and want to breastfeed.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

Yes it is, though you may find it very painful indeed. Also, if your areola (the area around your nipple) is particularly dark, it may make the tattoo show up poorly.


Answer by  kleewhee (18)

You can get a tattoo anywhere on your body. Since the skin around a nipple can be rough, the color may not show as well as another area on the body.


Answer by  stphaniecostello (159)

Yes it is possible, though no doubt extremely painful. Tattoos can be performed on any surface of skin on the body, including the inside of the mouth and genitalia. However, infection is more likely to occur on surfaces that are difficult to keep dry and clean and this should be taken into consideration.


Answer by  SubhashChander (1773)

It is very risky and not advisable to get a tattoo on your nipple. It could lead to breast cancer if any problem arises in the future.

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