Question by  vothiquynhyen (41)

Is it hard to get a book publisher to take on a young author?

I've got a few book ideas, but I'm young and I don't think publishers will take me seriously.


Answer by  TOANHPHM (27)

You can try to show them how helpful and creative your ideas are. Make an outline and show it to them. Prove to the publisher that you could be a good young author in the future. Tell them some of your own ideas and take it as seriously if you really needed this job.


Answer by  WriterBoy (5)

Let your work speak for itself. Before submitting, make sure it is grammatically correct and there is a "flow" to the story.


Answer by  ironman (75)

no, it should not be hard if the author has a high quality manuscript to shop around. one thing to remember is talent does not have an age requirement


Answer by  Aya (797)

In general, age does not matter, but quality does. Getting published is difficult, and unless you have something new and impressive to offer, it will be very hard to get yourself considered. The key is to keep trying, even if you are rejected by several publishers. Also, you can publish your own book.

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