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Question by  kylesalmons (23)

Is it free to download things to my PSP?


Answer by  Dan88 (23)

It is free to download things to your PSP, as long as you are not purchasing them off a paid website. Whether it be pictures, movies, music, or games, you can download all of the above off your computer for free. If you are trying to find music off of a website, you may end up paying.


Answer by  ZaharKl (72)

Downloading things on your PSP is sometimes free and sometimes not. It matters what you download. Demos are free while Games are not. Music isn't free either.


Answer by  Jonnyboy92345 (182)

Where are you downloding from? Some places are illegal but the place that you can is the ps store. You can go here from your psp you need internet. First you need a psn account once you have one your done. Om the ps store there's demos, games, comics, minis, and many more.


Answer by  Minty (124)

Videos, images, and some music that aren't copyrighted, yes. Copyrighted music and games?No. You can access the PS Store and download free things, such as videos and demos, however.

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