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Question by  OceanTiara (158)

Is it difficult to replace small window panels?


Answer by  sapphire51 (1048)

It is not difficult to do. Make sure that you have the necessary tools and other materials to work with and there should be no reason that you won't be able to replace the panels. There are a lot of self help books available if you feel that you need information on this topic.


Answer by  noey1958 (1405)

No it is not hard to replace them. First clean and measure the opening. Go to the glass company and have one cut. Use glaze and points to set glass.


Answer by  slugboy (27)

replacing small window panels will depend upon window type. single pane internal door glass panels are easy, a matter of removing the beading and placing the new panel in and replacing the beading. external wall double glazed window panels are more difficult, often requiring drilling into masonry.


Answer by  paddington2004 (6)

No, because small panels are easy to handle and the proper procedure for replacing them is easily explained in a variety of resources.


Answer by  ieshacannady (12)

No. Go to your local hardware store and look into the how to guides provided to those individuals that desire to fix themselves. Also take measurements to the store.


Answer by  latha57 (5)

If you are experienced, you can do it yourself. You should have necessary tools for this purpose. Read your tape measure and practice before you start doing it. Measure and mark the rough opening of the window.


Answer by  Pookie24 (74)

That depends upon how experienced you are. I would say yes because I have little experience in the area, and I wouldn't know what tools or supplies I'd need.


Answer by  Pancho (68)

They are pretty easy to replace, but can be a pain to clean. The most difficult part is caulking the edges, which also causes the mess.


Answer by  Mollichella (445)

In my opinion it is not more difficult than a large window panel. Assuming you have the right tools you should be able to do it just fine. Just make sure you do a clean caulk job.


Answer by  vasanthamani (18)

no it is not difficult to replace small window panels. it is the easier job to perform. but it requires adequate concentration.

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