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Question by  Vjj5 (23)

Is it difficult to grow corn in the garden?


Answer by  catman529 (809)

If your garden gets 6+ hours of sun daily, has fertile soil, and you water it during dry periods, corn is easy to grow. Grow several short rows close together, rather than one long row, because corn is wind-pollinated. When the tassels come out, water only at ground level.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Corn is easy to grow if it has enough water, sun, and space. The corn itself requires little care except weeding and preventing it from getting eaten while still young. Once it is summer and it's 3+ feet tall, no animals can forage on it except on the edges.


Answer by  Scott (109)

Corn is a hardy and easy plant to grow. I would not recommend growing it in a container though, as I tried this and it did not work.


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

its not that hard, but i wonder why you want to grow corn... i like to focus on the produce that is not that good in the stores. i think heirloom tomatoes are the top pick... and blackberries if they grow well in your area.


Answer by  kharlah (13)

Growing corn in a garden is not difficult for me!Because one thing for sure,in planting a plant and if you want it to be harvest as early As you want,Take care of it just the way a mother that takes care of her son and daughter.Water it put fertilizer so that your plant would be delicious.

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