Question by  justapixel (17)

Is it common to have an abnormal pop in early pregnancy?

I am in early pregnancy and had an abnormal pap.


Answer by  shego (255)

It wouldn't have anything to do with the pregnancy but may be due to some bacterial infection that was not addressed prior to becoming pregnant. Antibiotics may clear it up but a culture will need to be grown to first determine the cause. Abnormal paps are quite common in young women.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

It is very common to hear popping sounds or to have pulling of your muscles in early pregnancy, this is caused by the every increasing size of your uterus applying pressure to muscles and ligaments that have never been stretched out previously. Try not to lift any thing to heavy and stretch every morning upon waking up.


Answer by  Supermom (107)

An abnormal pap during pregnancy is just as common as it is any other time. It has less to do with your pregnancy than the abnormal cells found.


Answer by  happymomma (17)

Yes, due to the hormone levels and the rapid change in the cervix it is completely normal, but always check with your doctor.

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