Question by  t56 (143)

Is it bad on a car to coast in neutral?


Answer by  manualman (6)

In a car with a manual transmission coasting in neutral is a normal occurrence and is not bad for the vehicle in any way.


Answer by  mike49 (373)

In my state it is illegal to coast in neutral. You will not have proper control in an emergency. A lot of drivers beleive you save fuel but it's unnoticeable.


Answer by  kaneuens (13)

No, there is no detrimental affect on the car. Keep in mind is that there is no engine braking and therefore the brakes will work harder to stop the car.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Typically no. It better for the engine because the rpms are lower while in neutral and it is not doing any engine braking. However it make brakes wear a little bit fast if you do it frequently on inclines. Just be at a full stop before putting it in drive.


Answer by  Anonymous

Drive properly, end of story...........

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