Question by  rara (41)

Is it bad for the relationship if the girl will not call or initiate anything?

Does it mean she doesn't like me that much?


Answer by  Michelle27 (103)

It depends on the girl. If she's the type that likes the older way of 'courting' then it can be normal. Girls like that may want to see that the guy can handle taking the initiative. If she's not that type, then she probably doesn't like you.


Answer by  Zeenia (53)

Girls usually do not take the initiative because they do not want to project an image of being 'available'. They believe if this happens, the guy may take her too lightly. They're right in their own way. So don't worry. Give her the attention and take the initiative. You'll mostly be successful.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Maybe or maybe not. She may just need the attention and want to feel pursued. If you can put up with it, great. If it's too much trouble, then let it go.


Answer by  DanielleK (535)

It depends on the girl and her personality. Some women are shy and don't feel comfortable initiating anything, and others prefer to have everything done for them. Talk to her and tell her you're getting the vibe that shes not interested and see what she says.


Answer by  worker91 (8)

It could mean that she doesn't like you, but could also mean she's just a submissive type of person. It depends on what you like.

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