Question by  DaiHiep (25)

Is gauging your earlobes dangerous?

How does it work?


Answer by  docsmith (43)

Gauging earlobes is not particularly dangerous, no more so than other piercings. There is some risk of infection, or of tearing the earlobe if one is too aggressive about expanding the size of the gauge. This process starts with a regular piercing, and progressively larger "plugs" or gauges, are inserted over time to expand the size of the opening.


Answer by  reflex (278)

Yes, I believe it is dangerous because it can puncture your blood vessels in inappropriate places and you may bleed to death. Studies have shown that gauging your ears put extranneous weight on your earlobes that are not natural for human beings to have.


Answer by  dante54 (347)

It is not dagnerous as long as you do it correctly, and don't try to go too fast (or you could rip your lobe, which can lead to infection). All you have to do is use tapers (you can find kits that include all the sizes you need). Just use the tapers to gradually increase the size of your lobes.

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