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Question by  Dani (25)

Is fish oil safe for children?


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

Fish oil is safe for children and is being used for many childhood conditions. However, the better choice is to serve fish instead of oil supplements, for a broader benefit.


Answer by  Esme (535)

Low doses of fish oil supplements are regarded safe, but should be given under doctor's supervision. Overdose may cause problems like nosebleed and blood in urine in children.


Answer by  Jennk (388)

Provided the child is not allergic to fish, fish oil should be safe for individuals of all ages. The positive affects of fish oil are great. Check your pharmacy to see if they have pediatric does of fish oil as there are some that do!


Answer by  adavis730 (68)

Not only is fish oil safe for children, but it is very beneficial for them. It has been shown to improve behavior in children with ADHD. Fish oil has also been shown to help improve reading levels for children who had problems reading. It is actually added to some baby formulas.


Answer by  jen37 (1135)

As always, it is best to consult a doctor before starting children on any herbal supplements. In general, yes, it is safe, but I recommend finding vegetarian sources of Omega-3s, because with the fish oil come any toxic elements contained in the fish. Veg sources are available at many Whole Food stores and health stores.


Answer by  jen37 (1135)

Should check with your child's doctor to make sure, but it is generally fine. I would suggest that you find plant based sources of the omegas though. With fish oil, you are depleting fish populations to dangerously low levels, and are also ingesting everything a fish ingests, such as mercury.


Answer by  Shoshanah (232)

Yes. Fish oil taken as a natural supplement is safe for children. Like with any vitamin or mineral, they should be taken with doctors orders. Do not overdose.


Answer by  Cheyelashes (40)

From what I read it might be a good idea to be giving especially hyperactive children. Giving fish oil may be a good thing to give it to our children.

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