Question by  raghu (15)

Is dinar a good investment?

I'm thinking about buying some.


Answer by  RM49 (274)

I'm assuming you mean the Iraqi dinar. Are they a good investment? I doubt it. The future of them is shaky at best. The Iraqi economy could improve drastically, but that doesn't change the fact that this inflated currency was printed in massive quantities. I'm not an economist, though.


Answer by  Romz (222)

A dinar good be a good investment but one must know that many Middle Eastern countries use a "dinar" currency. The currency market changes on a rapid basis.The Middle East and especially those countries that utilize the dinar are being recognized as an emerging economies. It could be worth while.


Answer by  CharlesTousignant (102)

Buy an Iraq dinar would be a great investment at the moment, the Dinar has risen in value by 45% since October 15th, and the World Bank Group predicts the Dinar will grow another 33%.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

Investment in foreign currency is an inherently risky proposition. If you are asking if it is a stable investment, then probably not in the short term as most currency can fluctuate significantly. There are better more stable investments to look at.


Answer by  AlexandrescuBogdan (4)

there's a lot of money to be made on the foreign exchange market. heck look at the canadian dollar, a few short years ago, it was at 60 cents now it's at 90. For me is a good investment..


Answer by  Jennifer08 (554)

A diner could be a good investment. However you have to put a lot of hardwork and dedication into one.

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