Question by  electricguy (62)

Is Carolla, North Carolina part of the Outer Banks?

We've heard it is a great vacation spot.


Answer by  testing1234 (100)

Yes the city of Carolla in North Carolina is part of the Outer Banks. It is only home to 500 year round residents and is much more populated during the tourist season. It has no large chain stores but has what you need for a great vacation.


Answer by  A36 (629)

Yes, Carolla is part of the Outer Banks. It is one of the more northern towns in the Outer Banks, close to the Virginia border. It is in fact a very nice vacation spot and generally quieter and more secluded than the more centrally located Outer Banks towns.


Answer by  makingmoney (110)

Yes, Carolla is part of Outer Banks in North Carolina offering some of the best outdoor vacations anywhere. The Chamber of Commerce, Tourist Venues, major Resort Companies and travel sites will showcase great amentities, lodgings and food as well as attactions to enjoy.

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