Question by  Michael3553 (7)

Is calamansi juice good for you?

Or is it just something good to drink?


Answer by  romanguy (233)

Calamansi juice is high in vitamin C. Like most fruit juices it is high in sugar, and some store bought brands have added sugar, but fresh squeezed it is as healthy as orange or grapefruit juice.


Answer by  foodie30 (93)

Calamansi juice is a delicious citrus drink with extremely high levels of vitamin C- making it an excellent thirst quencher as well as immune booster.


Answer by  Scrat (7)

Calamansi is a fruit rich in vitamin c similar to lemons and limes. Because it is rich in vitamin c it is also good for you.


Answer by  melon (250)

Juice is the food without the fiber. Whole foods are always more nutritious than their refined versions. Especially don't buy into superfoods. They are just marketing. For optimum health, eat a great deal of whole fresh raw ripe fruits and vegetables. They contain all the nutrients our bodies require in proper ratios.

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