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Question by  gbg78 (1)

How often should I use face bleaching? What is the application time for the bleach?

I am a male with darker skin.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

If you are going to bleach you should do it no more than once a month because it can cause severe damage to the skin.


Answer by  ravi6661livein (62)

You should use face bleaching to remove dark spots on your skin. This can be done by using 2 spoons of lemon and half spoon milk. apply it on the dark spot and apply time for half an hour. This is the best method.


Answer by  Nessamelda (87)

Face bleaching is a potentially harmful activity which can only damage your looks. If you feel that you must use it, then follow the instructions that came with the package carefully, and in particular use it no longer and no more frequently than those instructions say.


Answer by  020888 (3)

bleching will give u fairness but dont use it often it should be use after every 90 days so that you will not have to face any reaction

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