Question by  PatPress (21)

Is an EIA a good way to fund your retirement?


Answer by  kendall13 (12)

As part of a diversified retirement portfolion and EIA is not a bad option. An EIA (equity indexed annuity) is a conservative insurance product. For the older investor (45+)an EIA can be a conservative approach with guaranteed payouts. An EIA allows the investor to participate in equity market performance. Negatives can be high fees and lack of control.


Answer by  YouRepair (11)

EIA investments can be part of your retirement plan but there are many regulations to receive the full tax benefit. You must hold the investment 3 years or more.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

An Equity Indexed Annuity, is an annuity that is valued by a formula which is tied to a stock index. This product, should outperform simple interest rates, as long as no withdrwals are made during the surrender period or before age 59 1/2. EIA's are relatively safe for retirement planning.


Answer by  leilich (247)

Equity Indexed Annuities have steep surrender charges. If you might need the money before surrender charges disappear or before age 59.5, don't think about investing.


Answer by  MTF808 (4)

I do not believe that utilizing EIA would ina any stretch enhance monetarily what I could otherwise gain in my retirement fund.

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