Question by  genuis2010 (123)

Is amoxicillin a pink pill?

I was supposed to take amoxicillin but I am not sure that is what I have.


Answer by  Meg45 (55)

Amoxicillin is a generic drug that can be made by many different manufacturers. It can come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Call your pharmacist to check.


Answer by  shastie (1601)

Yes amoxicillin can be a large pink pill. But there are a lot of different manufactors and they don't always look the same. You should call your pharmacy to make sure you have the right thing.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There are several dosages of Amoxicillin, each one a different color. The name of the medication is on the bottle handed to you by the pharmacy. Do not medicate yourself with old drugs laying around the house or handed to you by someone else, which is illegal.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

Amoxicillin can be given out by a pharmacist as a pink pill. It is usally perscribed for 10 days, until the infection in your body subsides. It can also be perscribed in liquid form, which can be pink or orange.


Answer by  blovro (67)

No, traditionally amoxicillin is not pink in color. In most cases, the pill is white in color, unless unneeded dyes are added. Be aware of any colored pills that you think may be amoxicillan.


Answer by  wwgt (7)

If you are unsure of a medicine, Do not take it. throw it away. don't go to guessing about medicine. For another 40 dollars have the script refilled. is your life worth 40 dollars? and taking antibiotics, that do not meet the required regimen, only strengthen, the bacteria

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