Question by  venkataraman (52)

Is a 5-pound propane tank the standard size for a gas grill?

A larger one would last longer.


Answer by  Halpern (63)

The 5-pound cylinder is the standard size for the typical gas grill. Many grills have a specific spot for that size tank underneath the grill. A larger one would last longer, but it would not fit within the area most grills have designed for the cylinder to sit.


Answer by  gin (366)

Yes a 5 or maybe a 10 pound propane tank is standard size as they are the easiest to pick up when it is time for you to refill them (and they are cheaper to refill). Check with user guide that came with the grill sometimes you can hook them up to bigger tanks some time its not recommended.


Answer by  mhunter (27)

Yes though a larger tank would hold more, the five pound is the standard size and highly recommended for safety.


Answer by  chaospse (5)

I dont think so, it depends on what kind of grill you are talking about, mine has a 20 pound tank, but we have a smaller one we take camping that tales the 5 pound.

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