Question by  joshisrite (10)

Is a 25 hp outboard motor enough for a pontoon boat?


Answer by  bon39 (24)

Oh yes it is quite enough power for a pontoon boat. You will not be taking the boat off shore I presume or you would be crazy. Around a lake, river or intracoastal waterway to some extent this engine will be perfect. You can have a lot of fun on a pontoon boat with this 25 hp engine.


Answer by  Ronaldo91 (345)

Yep, I've seen some as low as 15hp before, but it really depends on purpose. We had a 20hp on a chase boat to supervise kids sailing, we then put a 50hp on the new one, depends on the overall weight and size of the boat, ours was 3m.


Answer by  aarti (56)

25 hp outboard motor will be enough for pontoon boat,because pontoon boat are mostly used to cross the rivers & lakes in many part of the world.

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