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Question by  hownd (32)

In Pokemon Emerald, how do I get the Aurora ticket?

I can't find a cheat anywhere.


Answer by  W00MBA (34)

The Aurora ticket can only be obtained one of three ways. The first is to get the ticket at an event sponsored by Nintendo. The second is to get an e-reader and scan the card into your game. The final way is to use a cheat through actionreplay or gameshark.


Answer by  jessgirl2 (319)

The Aurora Ticket was only given out at some official Nintendo events, and is no longer available. The only way to get it now is to use a cheat code with a Gameshark, Action Replay, or similar cheat device. Depending on what device you have, you'll have to search for the cheat code to use.


Answer by  MrSpin500 (66)

You can try three ways: One is through a special Pokemnon event sponsored only by Nintendo. These events can be found at either Target or Gamestop, (require only your game and game console). The second way is through cheats/gameshark. The third way is to get an e-reader and scan the life of your card into your game. Good luck.


Answer by  fishdogg32 (19)

The ticket was given out at a Nintendo Event and can no longer be obtained. Although, there is a way to get the ticket through a cheating device.

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