Question by  Sigfried (35)

How would I start an owner operator business?

I want to start my own company


Answer by  Alison2001 (46)

Use an attorney to help you start, there are many federal and state forms that are difficult. Complete a business plan to help you define/focus your business.


Answer by  Chaneygirl (1755)

Meet with an attorney. Decide the best type of business entity for your situation, as well as covering any local/state regulations.


Answer by  Rani60 (351)

I want to start my own business in my native place. It is a super market. It is very helpful to every people. Customer can select any items from shop. They don't go other shop. They can select every items from super market. We supply only very good quality items.


Answer by  McGaff (22)

If you can afford it, contact an accountant and a lawyer. If not, contact the secretary of state of the state you live in.


Answer by  jmr (40)

Perform research on the type of business you are interested in starting -develop a business plan, identify capital investment needed.


Answer by  vflee71 (25)

Depends on the type of business. Find out what type of licenses, training is need with the county that you reside in.

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