Question by  catBilly (11)

How well does the Bissell steam mop work?

Is it better than a "regular" mop?


Answer by  craik (128)

It works very well indeed, and much better than a regular mop. Here are the advantages of a steam mop: there are no fumes or leftover chemical residues; the floor dries quickly; cleaning is easier and takes less time and is therefore better for people with back problems; and users say their floors look and feel better.


Answer by  bzzzymom (16)

The Bissell steam mop is better than a "regular" mop for sure! The steam loosens and removes dirt and germs and disinfects the surface you're cleaning. Because you are using steam, it is safe and effective. You won't be spreading yucky dirt or dirty mop water all over your floors.


Answer by  Jo3355 (575)

The Bissell steam mop is a godsend for your floors, especially your hardwoods. It is easy to use and really cleans with just water. I use it almost every day.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

I like my bissell steam mop, I think when you use a regular mop, you are just spreading the dirt around. with the steam mop your cleaning is better. it pick up the dirt and kill the germs with the steam and the pad are washable and reusadle. so they dont cost you a lot of money.


Answer by  austen (15)

The steam mop is much better. It not only kills germs and cuts through grime not only with chemicals but with the help of steam.

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