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Question by  avalanchebad (164)

How to I change the oil on an inboard?


Answer by  oddflash (902)

First you find the oil drain plug which is usually located at the bottom rear of the motor on the oil pan. Remove the oil plug and drain oil into a receptacle. Locate and remove the oil filter then replace filter with a new one. Reinstall drain plug and fill with the proper type and amount of oil.


Answer by  beaula (22)

Flush Pro that provides quick connect inside the boat. For draining the oil and drain hose that is connected to oil drain plug on bottom of the oil pan. Laying on the floor of the bilge. It is long enough to stick through the rear drain plug and drain into an oil catch pan. It drains slow even when engine is warm.


Answer by  joeskool (21)

Most inboard engines are car engines. First, locate drain plug on oil pan. On inboards with electric oil pump system drain oil from relocated oil tank. Drain oil. Remove oil filter. Replace oil filter and reinstall drain plug. Refill oil through valve cover or oil filler and fill specified amount.


Answer by  Alyssa (35)

In order to change the oil on an in board you must drain the old oil out first by loosening a nut or bolt. Once emptied tighten the nut and refill.

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