Question by  elsewhen (627)

How should i store potatoes?

How long will they last if stored properly?


Answer by  Anonymous

I store mine near the stairs in the basement in a "pantry" Its a lot colder in the basement Of course, if left there for a while, they start to sprout which you can just remove


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

i store mine at the bottom of my pantry, or on the bottom shelf of a cabinet. Make sure its not near an oven or stove, because the warmth will dramatically shorten their shelf-life. Don't store them in the fridge though.


Answer by  siageah (36)

Potatoes should be stored loose in a cool and dark place. If stored properly they will keep for months. Do not store potatoes in a refrigerator as it will concentrate the sweetness and the starch of the potato. Potatoes can still be used if they start to sprout, just remove the sprout with a knife.


Answer by  Chris (71)

Put the potatoes on a hay-covered floor in a shed or in a cellar. Scatter them out so they will get air. Potatoes stored in this manner will potentially last all winter. Normally they will last four to five months.


Answer by  Oktober (35)

Since potatoes are a root they do the best in a cold, dry dark celler or just in a dark dry cabnet. When they are stored right they can last up to a few months, also when you store them do not wash them first. They won't last.

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