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Question by  blahblah26 (2)

How should I set up a child care resume?

I have a lot of experience. Not sure how to arrange it for a resume.


Answer by  resumeartist (30)

For a childcare resume, list your positions and experiences beginning with the most recent one. It will be important for you to include what ages of children you have cared for in addition to your teaching, caretaking, developmental, and leadership skills in your positions. You should also list your relevant college courses or training on your resume.


Answer by  karpu (6)

First write your contact details of you.Then write the objective.Lists the what type of skills you are having like Very caring. Able to do hard work. This is important to give the working experience about where you have worked.Finally you give the educational qualification and followed bby the references.


Answer by  MzWilliams (66)

The first thing your resume needs is the objective--what job are you after? Then comes the skills. What are you good at? Then, a chronological listing of you education, followed by work history. Make sure it is clear and concise--no so much a "history", but rather the important highlights.

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