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Question by  JohnSmits (10)

How should I go about reporting hail damage to my insurance company?


Answer by  jennifercrowe84 (202)

Call your insurace company and let them know so they can start a claim. Also take pictures of the damage for yourself. That way if the insurance company does not take pictures you have them.


Answer by  Emr (698)

If you have hail damage to your house, call your agent for advice. They either come out themselves to look at it or will refer you to an adjuster. It is probably a good idea to take digital photos of the damage, too.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

First, make sure you are covered. Ideally you'd already know this! The company will send an insurance adjuster to assess the damages and the amount you receive. It never hurts to take a picture, either.


Answer by  endolvr (31)

First, look up a roofing company, some will come out and do a free hail damage inspection. If they find some damage, they will give you an estimate and you can either give it to your insurance company or sometimes the roofing company will deal with them directly.


Answer by  sallyflutterbee (32)

If I'm represented by an independent agency I'd contact them first and make a claim report. If not, I'd contact the company's claims office directly.

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