Question by  apple (447)

How Should I Dispose of Floppy Disks?


Answer by  arty (15)

We now live in the world of Identity theft, So with that in mind you should be careful with disposing of important documents that are stored in a floppy disk. I myself had my Identity stolen and It's no Fun. If when you should dispose of a disk you should shred,burn and in most cases using a heavy magnet.


Answer by  essenhmegmailcom (28)

There are a number of recycling agencies to handle the problem of disposal of FloppyDiscs. Some of them even pay for them. Or you may leave it with other garbages and they will do the rest. Or still, like paper shreders there are floppy shredders. The choice is yours, depending on the sensitivity of the cotents there of.


Answer by  mansi (521)

3.5 disks: break off the metal part, then open them. Put fingerprints all over black disk and throw them. 5 inch disks: touch the disk part inside the sleeve.


Answer by  gfr (97)

Floppy is used for secondary storage in olden days. Now a days the usage of floppy is stop since the invention of compact memory cards and drives. We may contempt the drive and disks


Answer by  Anonymous

throw them away

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