Question by  MichaelHails (38)

How old is too old to start jumping horses?


Answer by  mcsaripkin (73)

Although there is no limit to how old a jumper can be, you have to be realistic. This sport is extremely strenuous, and is especially hard on the hips and back. A beginner, in good physical shape, can easily start the sport in their 40's.


Answer by  choctaw (361)

Horses are never too old to learn to jump. It depends on the condition of the horse. Have your horse examined by a vet and have his/her condition rated. Start slowly, be patient and don't be afraid to seek professional help from a trainer.


Answer by  worker27 (16)

Horses of any age and good health can learn to jump. While older horses or horses with pre-existing medical conditions should not be asked to jump anything large, a series of very small obstacles can be a fun way to keep even an older horse physically and mentally stimulated.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Are we talking about the age of the horse or rider? Some horses are jumped up until their twenties. It is perfectly fine to jump a horse as long as the horses joints are healthy. As for humans age isn't an issue. As long as you're healthy.

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