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Question by  Hoffman (22)

How often should you have a tetanus shot?

I know that there are guidelines on getting tetanus shots, what are they?


Answer by  jhitchin (92)

According to the Mayo clinic, you should have four during the first year of life, once at 5 years, once in the teens, then every ten years as an adult.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Most doctors suggest that you have a tetanus shot every five to ten years depending on where you live and how active you are. I would go with every five years to be safe.


Answer by  keg88 (31)

Most often, infants are given a series of four tetanus shots between the ages of two and eighteen months, and another after their fourth birthday. It is recommended that adults receive a tetanus booster every ten years. If the adult has never received a tetanus shot, he must receive a series of three shots before beginning the ten-year cycle.

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