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Question by  clorede1 (37)

How often do adults need tetanus shots?


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

Adults that have never been vaccinated need a series of 3 shots. The first 2 are 4 weeks apart and the third is given 6 to 12 months after the second. After that, it is reccomended that a booster be given every 10 years. However, if you cant remember the last time you got one, better to get a shot.


Answer by  joshandeleisa (331)

Most adults do not need the tetanus shots on a routine or shot schedule. The main time adults need tetanus shots are for wound management, and wound that is likely to become infected. However it is suggested to get a new shot after 10 years or if a woman is going to become pregnant.


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

The general rule of thumb is, after your initial tetanus shot, you need a booster shot every 10 years. However, if you have an injury and go to an urgent care facility or hospital they will ask you when the last time was that you had a tetanus shot. If you can't remember, you automatically get one.

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