Question by  vlhunter (24)

How much whole milk does an 11-month-old baby need?


Answer by  soakshimmer (104)

The average number of feeding per day for an 11-month-old baby is 3. The baby should consume at least 21-24 fl oz in 24-hour feeding.


Answer by  jackie9100 (14)

A baby should not start to drink milk until he or she is at least a year old. At one, your baby should be drinking whole milk, not skim, as the fat content is needed for their brain development. They will drink up to 16-24 ounces of milk per day.


Answer by  Stacia (91)

At eleven months, a baby should still be receiving breast milk or formula. You should wait until your baby is at least a year old to introduce whole milk and other cow's milk products. Cow's milk is hard for babies to digest and hinders the absorption of iron, and doesn't contain all the nutrients a baby needs.


Answer by  Ava (192)

Approximate one gallon of whole milk is needed to bathe an 11-month-old baby. If she is bathed once a day for one year, you will need 365 gallons of whole milk. Skim milk maybe used for spit baths, and 2% for diaper changes.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

Boils are one sign of diabetes. Have your blood sugar level checked. A doctor can lance it, or take a sitz bath in very warm water with dissolved table salt.


Answer by  heatherfriend (171)

If the baby is breastfeeding, he or she should not need any whole milk until she is at least a year old. But if she is not you can give her 4-8 ounces per day depending on what he or she seems to want. Also, you can mix the milk with her baby food to give him/her extra calcium.


Answer by  mamapuppy (241)

Whole milk is not recommended at all for babies under one year. However, many parents start mixing small amounts of whole milk in a bottle to gradually get the baby used to the taste at about 11 months.


Answer by  SIDDHU (861)

An 11 month old baby will approximately have one half litre of whole milk everyday. This is because by this time the infant starts having solid food and eating boiled/ scrapped apple or any other fruit. So the quantity of milk requirement decreases as the infant grows and starts having other supplements.

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