Question by  BL54 (11)

How much snow can a Toro Electric Snow Blower remove?


Answer by  diane41 (309)

Depending on which size Toro Electric Snow Blower you have that will determine how much snow will be removed. The 18 inch. 12 AMP snowblower can cut an 18 inch by 10 inch deep cut in one pass and move about 700 lbs. per minute. Smaller models will move less.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

These units are most efficient when the snowfall is five inches or less. Heavier snowfalls will entail a more heavy duty snow blower.


Answer by  michaeledwardhourigan (462)

How much snow a Toro electric snow blower can remove depends on the model you get. The 1800 Power Curve model has an 18 inch clearing width, and removes snow at up to 700 pounds per a minute. The Power Shovel model has a 12 inch clearing width, and removes snow at up to 300 pounds per a minute.


Answer by  souldolphindream (835)

There are more than one kind,so it depends on what kind you buy. We had one in Colorado and It cleared the driveway very well.

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