Question by  thecar4s (22)

How much can you get onto a 1GB Sandisk?


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You should be able to get around 940mb worth of data. Storage media never has the exact size advertised but always a bit less.


Answer by  leezer3 (25)

This depends on the type of data you're storing. In general- Approximately 1 XVID film, 300 128kbps MP3 files or 500 high-quality digital camera photos.


Answer by  sashagud (43)

Usually 1 Gb means 1000000000 bytes which is 0,931 Gb or approximately 953 Mb. Main thing here is that 1 Gb = 1024 Mb = 1024*1024 Kb.


Answer by  blaine00 (83)

It depends on the file size of the things you are trying to put on it. 1GB would be plenty for documents but may be too small for video files.

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