Question by  umesh87 (9)

How many varieties of Tiger Lilies are there?

I'd like to line my fence along one side with Tiger Lilies.


Answer by  CindyH (30)

There are at least 6 lilies referred to as the tiger lily. Mostly native to North America, a few are also native to China and Japan. The blooms of each of these species is orange with spots, with petals that are recurving to resemble Turk's caps worn in ancient times.


Answer by  cavebear (120)

So far to what i know there are 7 different hybrids or divisions of a tiger lilies.These are the asiatic hybrid,martagon,candidum,american,longiflorum,trumpet and aurelian,oriental.These are the different varities that i know of,they are so pretty and very colorful.This will be a perfect plant to line your fence in your yard.Happy planting.


Answer by  hany209209 (43)

There are different types of Lilies among them are the following one : 1- Asiatics 2- Tiger Lilies 3- LA hybrids 4- Orientals 5- Trumpet Martagon 6- Orienpets and Easterpets 7- Aurelian/Asiatic 8- Oriental/Asiatic 9- Longiflorum


Answer by  dwammer (710)

There is about 8 different varieties of hybrid lilies. Asiatic, Trumpet, Oriental, Wild, Martagon hybrid, Candidum hybrid, American hybrid, and Longiflorum hybrid.


Answer by  sylsia (510)

There are two varieties of Tiger Lilies. They are the Oriental variety and the common wildfire variety. It produces large, fiery orange flowers with spots. The tiger in the name is probably in reference to the spots.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

There are many varieties of lilies, but only two types of tiger lilies: the oriental tiger lily and the common wildflower lily.

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