Question by  buggy418 (632)

How many songs can fit in a 2 GB mp3 player?


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

It will vary depending on how long the songs are and their quality. If each file averages 2 to 5MB then you could store around 500 songs total.


Answer by  LohnJaw (122)

A normal song is about 3 megabytes, so if you calculate 2GB/3MB you get above 650 songs. This can vary, however, if the songs are of much more or less than about three minutes.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Typically, if every MP3 file is a 3-4 MB file, meaning that the file if an MP3 and not a WAV file, then you should be able to get approximately 500 songs on a 2 GB unit.


Answer by  RickGray (18)

The average MP3 is about 4 to 5 megabytes and that works out to about 200 per gigabyte. Space is lost due to file system so about 380 will fit.


Answer by  axslinger (67)

You should be able to fit about 475 to 500 songs on it, depending on the length and the bit rate of the songs.

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