weight loss


Question by  LexiLynn (28)

How many pounds do you have to lost to drop a dress size?

I want to set smaller goals within my big goal?


Answer by  wakeboardermom (93)

It varies depending on your height and build, but usually losing about 10 pounds will drop you a dress size. Many people find it helpful to set smaller goals and reward yourself after meeting each mini goal. For example you may decide that after every 10 pounds lost, your treat yourself to a manicure, new book, or whatever you enjoy.


Answer by  onearmedscissor (40)

A dress size is approximately ten ounds however, if you are also lifting weights, you may gain muscle or tome your body in places where a reduction in size would be more noticible even though you might not have lost that much weight.


Answer by  Mel89 (239)

There is no set amount of pounds you have to lose in order to drop a dress size. Since everyone's body is different and we all lose weight in different areas, it really depends on the person.

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