Question by  kitteh (7)

How many hours of sleep does a 12 year old need a day?


Answer by  Jenna (587)

A 12 year old still needs over nine hours of sleep each night. It is really important for them to learn and establish a sleep routine at this age.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

All 12 year olds are different in the amount of sleep they need (depending on how active they are, how well they sleep at night, etc. ), but on average, a typical 12 year old should be sleeping approximately 10 hours a night (depending also if they nap during the day).


Answer by  becky35 (108)

Children 12 years of age need 9 to 10 hours of sleep each night. Lost sleep can be made up later. If it very necessary.


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

The average 12 year old child needs to be encouraged to sleep eight to nine hours per night. More on the weekend, possibly 10-11 hours.


Answer by  im0awesome (0)

i dont know but im 11 and i get 12 hours of sleep...or 11 hours..some where around there

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