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Question by  catherine56 (16)

How long will it take to pass a swallowed quarter?


Answer by  Kris (797)

Call doctor or pediatrician about this to be safe. It can take three weeks to pass. It may pass unnoticed. If there is any abdominal discomfort or fever, see doctor.


Answer by  pinkie (247)

You'll probably have to wait overnight. You could speed up the process by eating fibrous food or drinking prune juice.


Answer by  DanielleK (535)

It doesn't take long for objects to pass through the digestive system, so within a couple days or so the quater should pass.


Answer by  benjiross (993)

It would take 2 - 5 days for the quarter to pass out, unless it gets stuck in the intestines or the pylorus.


Answer by  Anonymous

I swallowed a quarter about a week and a half ago... I'm pretty sure it hasn't passed yet. I've had no real digestive discomfort or sickness, however, I have had some chest pains, but this could just be in my head or due to physical activity..

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