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Question by  trinkle (60)

How long will it take HUD to accept my bid?

I am waiting on HUD to accept a bid on a home.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Ask your agent or the HUD representative with whom you are dealing. One of them should be able to give you an idea of how long the process takes.


Answer by  divinds (24)

If you are looking for a property, HUD will wait for about 10 days and find the highest bid. If you are bidding on a home, then you will get notification within a week. If your bid is accepted, then your agent will get an email within 48 hours.


Answer by  mikkie180 (167)

If property just came on the market HUD waits ten days to see how many bids come in during that period, then will look at all the bids, determine which is best and if it is acceptable, then inform the winner. If it is already on a day to day bidding, you should know in 3-4 days. Call your agent.

posted by Anonymous
If my bid is not the highest bid, will I have a chance to increase my bid before HUD makes a decision? Will all bidders be notified of bid status and amounts and have a chance to increase their bids also? Urgent - please respond. Thank you.  add a comment

Answer by  hwht25 (441)

It will take approximately one week to a month but it also depends on how strong your application and bid is.

posted by Anonymous
Hello! I made a cash offer bid today for $5,000 over the asking price. Bid closing date is 8-7. If someone bids higher, will I be notified and have a chance to increase my bid?  add a comment

Answer by  blackley (64)

If this question is for a bid on a HUD home it should not take more than a week after the agent turns in the bid. Only an agent can submit bids to the department of housing and urban devlopment. You will have to talk with your agent to find out how long they wait to turn in bids.


Answer by  Devin98 (487)

Usually your agent will be notified in 48 hours if your bid has been accepted. If your agent has not received an email your bid has not accepted and you will have to make a higher bid for the property. Again, your agent will be notified within 48 hours if your bid is accepted.


Answer by  sontiano7 (1)

why wouldnt hud accept my bid? considering i bid 3500 over asking price durring owner occupied period and it turns out they didnt accept any owner occupied bids and opened it to investors

posted by Anonymous
Sontiano7...when bidding over the asking price you have to show proof of the cash amount that was bid over the asking price, especially if the assessment on the house was the asking price.  add a comment
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