Question by  jboston19 (30)

How long does it take to be a psychologist?

How many years in school, and training does it take?


Answer by  angied737 (20)

It depends: you can get an entry-level position with a Bachelors, become a therapist or counselor with a Masters, or become a clinical psychologist by obtaining a PhD. It is very difficult to get admitted into clinical psychology programs so if you are serious about it begin preparing now.


Answer by  John (9008)

You have to complete a college degree and then attend graduate school. It varies how long graduate school takes, but the entire training takes at least eight years (including college).


Answer by  swizz (390)

If you are a full-time college student it would take about 4 years of college (Bachelors) and another 5 years to obtain Ph.D or Psy.D- a total of 9 years.


Answer by  brec00 (64)

Becoming a psychologist requires a graduate degree, which would take about 6 years of post-secondary education. Many states have licensure or certification requirements that must be fulfilled as well.


Answer by  chels (177)

With a master's degree: 6-7 years in school, Doctoral: 9-10 years. You need to have AT LEAST a master's degree. Training would include taking classes at a college for psychology.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Typically speaking, Psychologists have a doctorates degree as well as certification. The doctorate usually takes two to three years of school after the masters level, which takes about two years, after the bachelorettes level, another four years. The certification usually takes two years of supervised work. Some of these may overlap, such as schooling and certification.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

In total, it takes about 8 years. First, you have to get your bachelors of arts or science. Then you have to do a phd and masters program which will earn you certification.


Answer by  Norman (22)

I think first you have to study psychology at college for about 4 years,next you are hoped to spent 3 years as a granduated student, then you have to get a doctor degree , do some really great work and make attribution to the develop of psychology. All in all, you need 10 to 15 years.

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